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Organisations and Groups in Dersingham
This page will provide historical records about organisations and  groups that have been active in the village

Content Ideas
Councils, political groups, police, postal service, railway, sports teams, Art clubs, Women's Institute, Foresters, Scouts and Guides, schools, bands, church organisations (not the buildings as they are covered under Places) etc.

Dersingham Parish Council
History and Records of Meetings

Schools and School Records
Early Education in Dersingham

Dersingham Village School - Manor Road

Alfred Richard Firth - The Schoolmaster's Son (DRAFT)

The Demise of the Village School (DRAFT)

Service Groups
Dersingham Royal Observer Corps

Social Groups
Dersingham Women's Institute

Dersingham St George's Church of England Junior School: records, incl log books, admission registers (5), honours book, punishment book, letter book and accident book 1891-1994 (Norfolk Record Office Ref C/ED 147)