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We were delighted to be invited to the Dersingham VA Primary School (formerly St George's School) on 7th November 2018 to talk to all years (ages 5 to 11) about how we research and then share our work with others. We showed photographs contemporary with the period of WW1 and answered their questions. We were inspired by their interest and awareness; it was a day to treasure.

We visited again on 9th November when the children proudly displayed their work and are delighted to have the opportunity to display images of their tremendous efforts on this web site; an activity that is recorded as an event in Dersingham's history.

The first gallery were displays in the corridor
P1040197 (Small)
P1040189 (Small)
P1040191 (Small)
P1040192 (Small)
P1040193 (Small)
P1040194 (Small)
P1040196 (Small)
P1040202 (Small)
P1040220 (Small)
P1040221 (Small)
P1040224 (Small)
P1040225 (Small)
P1040226 (Small)
P1040227 (Small)
P1040228 (Small)
P1040229 (Small)
P1040230 (Small)
P1040231 (Small)
P1040232 (Small)
P1040236 (Small)

This photographs for this second gallery were taken in the main hall.
P1040207 (Small)
P1040205 (Small)
P1040198 (Small)
P1040199 (Small)
P1040200 (Small)
P1040201 (Small)
P1040203 (Small)
P1040204 (Small)
P1040208 (Small)
P1040209 (Small)
P1040210 (Small)
P1040211 (Small)
P1040212 (Small)
P1040213 (Small)
P1040214 (Small)
P1040215 (Small)
P1040216 (Small)
P1040217 (Small)
P1040218 (Small)