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1890 - Foundation Stones of the new Wesleyan Chapel Laid
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DERSINGHAM - The Wesleyans –
On Wednesday afternoon, the 26th February, the foundation stones of the new Wesleyan Chapel were laid.  The day was anything but a favourable one for an open-air gathering; but not withstanding this there was a good attendance, consisting principally of ladies.  Amongst those present were the Rev. D.W.Barr (Hunstanton),  Rev. J Wetherill (Wisbech)  Messrs A. Jermyn, W. Dodman, T. Hill (Hunstanton) V. Green (Holme) S. Roye (Thornham) George Beloe (Snettisham), George Chambers, J.A.Hillan (the architect), Potter, Edward and others.  After devotional exercises the Rev. D.W.Barr called upon Mrs. F.A.Curson of Lynn to lay the first stone remarking that he did so with the greatest pleasure as Mr. Curson was the junior steward of the Lynn Circuit.  They had hoped to have their senior steward Mr. Thompson with them but he was unable to be present.  He had, however, sent an expression of his sympathy with them; and such tokens of sympathy with them in their forward movement in that new and poor district were very valuable indeed. 
A trowel was handed to Mrs. Curson who laid the stone in the usual manner and trusted that the chapel might be a blessing to the whole neighbourhood.  Mrs. Curson was then presented by Mr. Barr with a handsomely bound volume of Wesley’s hymns as a memento of the occasion, and Mr. Barr announced that Mrs. Curson had placed upon the stone a bank note for £5. (applause)  He added that he had been asked by the senior steward Mr. Thompson, Mr. Hillam, and Mr. Gamble (Gayton) to lay upon the stone promises to pay £1 each and Mr. Kerridge of Cambridge, staying at Hunstanton, had forwarded a sovereign.    Mrs. Patrick of Heacham laid the next stone and was also presented with a similar copy of Wesley’s hymns.  Mrs. W. Wagg of Snettisham also laid a stone and placed three guineas upon it.  Mr. W.V.Dodman placed another stone and gave £5; and then other contributions were given in. 
Mr. Jermyn as circuit steward and on behalf of the trustees expressed their thanks and gratitude to those friends who had thrown themselves so disinterestedly into the undertaking.  They were also pleased to recognise the efforts of friends from other churches, Methodist and Church of England, mentioning the name of Mr. Perry of Ipswich.  The Rev. W. Wetherill delivered a brief address and the proceedings were brought to a conclusion by the doxology.  A tea was afterwards held in the Primitive Methodist chapel to which about 90 sat down.  This was followed by a meeting presided over by Mr. A. Jermyn the senior steward of the Hunstanton circuit.  The Rev. W.D. Barr addressed the meeting as did also Mr. Hillan, Mr. Wetherill, Mr. F. Green and others.  The chapel is to be built by Messrs. Chambers & Son at a cost of about £230.